Transparent digital display for upsell and promotional opportunities


Optika’s Primasee solution provides a variety of translucent digital displays embedded within cooler, freezer and stand-alone glass door solutions. This fully turn-key solution allows retailers and brands to engage with the shopper while offering promotions, sharing videos and social media content and displaying relevant messages based off of secure analytics gathered from customer interaction with the solution.

Increase Product Visibility

By selecting either translucent or standard LED display technology shoppers are able to view products through the Primasee door and interact on the touch screen display. Standard LED technology highlights branded content at point of purchase, designed to drive traffic to the door.

Collect and Promote Customer Insights

The Primasee solution securely gathers customer analytics in real-time as shoppers interact with the device. Retailers and brands are then able to use customer insights to create relevant content that optimizes the user experience and delivers personalized digital content.

Fully Turn-key Solution

The Primasee solution is available as a fully functional, turnkey cooler, freezer and stand-alone glass door. Designed for grocery and convenience stores as well as consumer packaged goods manufacturers, the screens are available in a variety of sizes or can be retrofit to existing doors, making the integration of the Primasee solution seamless.