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Full-featured with rich functionality, Optika Display solutions enhance their mission collaboration, keep costs low and drive successful projects that benefit the public
Collaborate – for Government 4K with ShadowSense™ Pro Pen and touch technology — comes in a variety of sizes — 55”, 65”, 75”, 85”, 98”
Empower a connected workforce with a fully integrated, secure solution with a comprehensive optical and interactive display solution

Security compliant government collaboration solutions are in heavy demand. Optika Display TAA, professional grade, integrated collaboration technology addresses market requirements and all its challenges.

Optika Display’s Collaborate G provides a full-featured and functionality-rich immersive experience for the government communications market. Optika Display bridges a highly fragmented ecosystem with a complete optical and interactive display offering. With key partnerships, Optika Display brings a truly integrated solution to government and conference room collaboration clients.

Collaborate G hardware and application integration meets the most challenging government communication requirements. By investing in collaboration technology, government leadership is building and empowering a connected workforce focused on innovation, productivity and culture. Connected teams can work simultaneously to promote their goals, raise performance, reduce redundancies and deliver faster solutions to achieve ideal outcomes that benefit the citizens they serve.

Optika Display and our collaboration partner options from X2O Media, Bluescape, Microsoft Teams, Vizetto’s Reactiv Suite, Zoom, BlueJeans and beyond, provide integration options allowing UC and VC assets to show, operate and function cohesively on one hardware platform. Government agencies look to proactively enhance their mission, keep costs low and drive successful projects that benefit the public. With agencies paying close attention to cost-saving measures, utilizing collaborative technology improves communication within the government and across the public sector. When this technology is active across agencies, leadership and team members plan job duties together, build out workflow strategies, hand-off assignments, quality control work and review best practices all while optimizing agency goals miles apart. Using pedigree 24/7/365 technology, our solutions are proven and steady. Cycle hardware every seven to eight years while keeping current collaboration platforms – all can run on our hardware for years and years, reducing your cost of ownership significantly.

Optika Display’s integrated Collaborate G unified communications solution is scalable to align with your organizational strategy and pain points. Implementing our architecture enables you to set a clear strategy roadmap for your government communication and collaboration needs. Whether your platform needs are local or global, today or tomorrow, our platform can be adapted to address any government communication or collaboration challenges.

Product consideration around usable, cost-saving features to solve your collaboration initiatives must be core to your decision making process. Choosing a complete solution product platform designed with features that are thoughtful, useful, secure and flexible across your current and evolving needs. Optika Display’s integrated Conference Room Control features are strategic and align with the most challenging enterprise requirements.

Choosing the right local and remote collaboration platform can give your government team a significant competitive edge in time and decision making requirements. As government agencies require improved productivity and communication among teams, departments and agencies, government leaders are driving success by using new technology from Optika Display and our partners, enhancing teamwork and providing highly productive tools that increase conversation and effective decision making.

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