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Optika Display Collaborate – 4K with ShadowSense™ Pro Pen and Touch Technology comes in a variety of sizes — 55”, 65”, 75”, 85”, 98”
Full-featured, functionality-rich unified communication solution to meet any organizations needs
Interactive displays ensure all enterprise applications operate seamlessly on one hardware platform through flexible integration options.

Optika Display Collaborate meets the enterprise communication challenges head on. With key core partnerships Optika Display brings a truly integrated solution to Enterprise and Conference Room Collaboration clients. Optika bridges a highly fragmented ecosystem with a comprehensive optical and interactive display solution offering. Our Collaborate platform provides a full-featured and functionality-rich collaborative experience solution asked for by demanding clients from a demanding vertical market.

Our Collaboration platform of hardware and application offering meets your UC requirements today and tomorrow. Our integrated business and collaboration strategy of solutions provides powerful social networking features and seamlessly integrates into your organization’s culture, processes and communication strategy.

Optika Display integrated UC solutions align with your organizational strategy. Collaboration is applying technology and embedding it as a culture within your organization. Implementing our architecture enables you to set a clear strategy roadmap for your communication and collaboration needs. Whether your platform needs are local or global, today or tomorrow, we have a UC product solution for you.
Optika Display Integrated UC Solutions address the pain points. Along with our partners, whether they’re cultural, strategic or logistical, we have thought it through and will help you identify and resolve key business challenges. Your business imperatives are yours and your next solution needs to be flexible yet targeted, allowing you to address them on your terms, in your scale to your expectations.

Product consideration around usable (cost saving) features to solve your collaboration initiatives must be core to your decision making process. Choosing a complete solution product platform designed with features that are thoughtful, useful and flexible across your current and evolving needs. Optika’s integrated “CONFERENCE ROOM CONTROL” features are strategic in mind and align with your most challenging requirements, today’s and tomorrow’s. They enable an experience like none other at a cost of ownership you can calculate beyond the bottom line.

Choosing the right local and remote collaboration platform can give an organization a significant and competitive edge. Help you get initiatives completed faster, problems and conflicts resolved in less time, products to market more frequently and promote communication and cultural change within an organization of varying degrees of ideas and influences. That’s Optika for you.

Optika and our collaboration partner options from X2O, Bluescape to MS Teams or Vizetto’s Reactiv Suite to Zoom, BlueJeans and beyond provide integrated options so all your UC and VC assets will show, operate and function cohesively on one H/W platform. Whether it’s one PC casting to multiple interactive room displays or our PIP enabled interactive display connected to four computing devices, we can help you derive at the solution or solutions of your choice. “GO WIRELESS” from Optika removes wired display and touch dependency in your conference or huddle room environment for real wireless connectivity. Using pedigree 24/7/365 technology, our solutions are industry best, longest lasting. Cycle hardware every seven to eight years while keeping current on your collaboration platforms. All will run on our HW for years and years. Reducing significantly your cost of ownership.

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