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Professional broadcast platform provides a full-featured and functionality-rich visual and touch experience solution
Optika Display Collaborate – for professional broadcast 4K with ShadowSense™ Pro Pen and touch technology comes in a variety of sizes — 55”, 65”, 75”, 85”, 98”
Optika solutions exceed the high demands of on-air broadcast, media and entertainment — premium touch capability and true Rec. 709 color performance and full temperature adjustability

Optika Display’s Collaborate B meets live, on-air interactive display challenges, head on. Featuring integrated highly-responsive and precise touch and pen, intuitive erase and visual and true color control technology, Optika Display brings a unique solution to broadcast, media and entertainment clients.

Optika Display screens deliver true broadcast color quality and are the only interactive suite of products that support Rec. 709, the current standard space required for every kind of widescreen home media available today. The displays’ factory settings are pre-set to Rec. 709 for true color accuracy, color temperature, Delta E and Gamma performance right out of the box. Control functionality and standards commit to deliver the true color representation in a variety of live studio and marketing applications.

To meet broadcast market needs of full visual control, Optika Display’s Collaborate B also provides sRGB color calibration and control with full color temperature adjustability from 2300 to 10k, ensuring accurate output for live broadcast as well as true color evaluation for marketing and pre-production color validation. Optika solutions can be calibrated to display colors live, precisely as it is intended to appear.

The displays feature best-in-class image, optics and touch performance with industry leading optical bonded AG/AR/AF/AS super smooth touch glass. Optika Display screens accurately perform all standard touch displays and presents all colors included in the Rec. 709 color space vividly in the broadcast studio. Whether telling a weather story in six shades of green or used in the boardroom to proof critical marketing content, Collaborate B is ensured to give a truly accurate display of visuals and touch performance.

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