The Collaborate Series

55"/65"/85" Fully Immersive Ultra HD 4K Interactive Touchscreen Display

  • High Definition Interactive: Sleek, durable, high-impact low profile touch surface with a lightweight enclosure design
  • Superior Multi Touch & Pen: InGlass™ Technology from FlatFrog, providing exceptional support for passive and active pen and palm erase
  • Image Manipulation: Make changes directly to an image or video
  • High Bright Display: Industrial grade high-bright display with remarkable image quality and optical clarity
  • Multi-Functional: Wall or pedestal mount allows for use in any environmental setting

Interactive InGlass™ Touch and Pen
  • Supports up to 40 touches
  • Narrow 2mm tip suitable for precision writing
  • Finger, pen and object differentiation capable
  • Supports 4 simultaneous pens

Optional Pen Features
  • 1024 pressure level enabling inking
  • Eraser button with a configurable button

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