image2BOS Award - 2015The Collaborate 65UHD from Optika Display is a professional grade, large-format, Ultra-High Definition 65″ 4K LCD collaboration device. The Collaborate 65UHD platform combines high-quality active stylus digital writing capability and precise edge-to-edge, multi-touch technology. The result is a best in class collaborative digital workspace that is easy to use and integrate into multiple vertical market applications.  Collaborate 65UHD is highly compatible with familiar applications, from Microsoft Office and Lync to the Adobe Business Suite, allowing seamless integration into existing workflows and processes.


Ideal for any Industry:
Corporate Enterprise — Efficiently create, collaborate, and present projects from start to finish, in workspaces or remotely
Education — Increase student understanding and motivation by bolstering collaboration and participation
Creative Industries — Design, construct, and produce work on one device with precise and fluid tools
Medical — Provide and document care seamlessly and collectively

  • Ultra-High Defnition 65 inch display with UHD, 4K resolution
  • Slick, durable, high-impact edge-to-edge touch-glass surface with a lightweight enclosure design
  • Industrial grade brightness
  • Wall or pedestal mount allows for use in any environmental setting
  • Supports input by multiple pens, as well as touch input
  • Image manipulation: make changes directly to an image or video
  • Real-time document handling automation
  • Contextual pinch-to-zoom
  • Windows 8 and Android Support
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office and Adobe Business Suite
  • Cloud and on-site server applications
Anoto™ Digital Pen and Live Surface Technology

  • 2048 levels of pressure, hover and low-pressure activation
  • Natural pen input feels like a traditional ballpoint pen
  • Unprecedented 1360 DPI precision
  • Low latency, virtually parallax free
  • All recorded data is encrypted for secure transmission and archiving
  • All processing done by the pen with no performance load on touch system or display
  • Generic pen input technology independent of touch technology
FlatFrog™ In-Glass, Edge-to-Edge Touch

  • Ultra-thin, edge-to-edge TouchGlass design
  • Smooth touch surface with perfect optical clarity
  • Support for any input including gloves and thin tip styluses
  • Unique pressure detection and palm rejection
  • Up to 10 simultaneous touches
  • Windows 8 and Android Support
Display Type 65″ Color TFT Active Matrix, wide LCD with WLED Backlight
Display Resolution 4K UHD (3480 x 2160)
Display Orientation Landscape, Portrait
Dimensions 60.3″ x 35.8″ x 2.69″
Weight Display/Enclosure – 97 lbs
Power Supply – 3 lbs.
Panel Surface Anti-Glare, Hard Coating 7H Scratch Resistant